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3.3 Animal Science Vocab B

Anything capable of causing disease, but most veterinarians and doctors are referring to a living, microscopic, disease-producing agent such as bacteria or a virus.
The amount of heat or cold measured in degrees on different scales.
The technique or profession of assessing, minimizing, and preventing accidental loss to a business, as through the use of insurance, safety measures, etc.
A gelatin-like product of certain seaweeds, used for solidifying certain culture media.
The range of temperatures that maximizes efficiency and rate of gain.
The practices that protect herd health by preventing the spfead of pathogens.
Single-celled microorganisms; some cause human, animal, or plant diseases; others are beneficial.
Area where risk can be influenced.
Control of body temperature.
Maintenance of a constant internal environment by a combination of body mechanisms.
The relative ratio of the actual amount of water vapor present in the air to the quantity that it would be if it were saturated.
The exchange of air from within a building and the outside.
A cluster of bacteria or fungi grown on a culture medium, usually originating from a single bacterium, spore, or inoculation transfer.