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Sub Saharan Africa (use Ch. 22-25)

Low flat areas
A river that is 2,600 miles long
Dutch, French, and German settlers and their descendants in South Africa
Includes the father, mother, children, and close relatives in one household
Energy produced from the heat of Earth's interior
Places on Earth's surface where the crust stretches until it breaks
Is a disease spread by mosquitoes that causes fever and pain
The belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and other natural objects have spirits
Afrikaner frontier farmers who had spread out from the original Cape colony, resisted the British
A strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas
The condition of not getting enough nutrients from food
Organized by zone
Generally flat region surrounded by higher land such as mountains and plateaus
An open-air trading market that is set up once or twice a week
The spread of desertlike conditions
The intentional destruction of a people
Periods when little rain falls, and crops are damaged
A practice that tries to dominate other country's government, trade, and culture
An extreme shortage of food
To break away from the main country