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Geography and Map Skills

Explains what the symbols on a map represent
A ratio which compares a measurement on a map to the actual distance between locatios
A nearly flat area
An area of land that sticks out into a lake or ocean
Lines of longitude are called this
An area of land near the ocean
An area of low land between hills or mountains
An area in the desert with a water source
An imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England and measures 0 degrees longitude
Half of the earth, usually divided into Northern or Southern halves by the Equator, or into Eastern and Western halves by the Prime Meridian
A hill of sand shaped by wind
An area of rugged land that generally rises higher than 2,000 feet
A narrow piece of land connecting two larger land areas
An ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals
An area of densely wooded land
An imaginary line that circles the globe halfway between the North and South Poles
A deep, narrow valley with steep walls
An area of land covered by shallow water
An area of land surrounded entirely by water
A scale model of the earth
An area where a river deposits soil into the ocean
A natural flow of water that runs through the land
Distance East or West of the Prime Meridian that go from the North Pole to the South Pole
The Earth is divided into 7 massive landmasses called this
Part of a large body of water that is smaller than a gulf
A large part of the ocean that extends into land
A large body of water
A circle showing the principal directions shown on a map or chart
An inland body of water
Distance North or South of the equator measured in degrees up to 90 degrees
Lines of latitude are called this
The undisputed greatest Social Studies teacher in the world
An extremely dry area with little water and few plants
A large area of slow-moving ice
A circular depression formed when the roof of a cave collapses
A large, flat, elevated area of land
An opening in Earth's crust where lava, ash, and gases erupt
A narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water
Shows what the subject of a map is
A rounded, elevated area of smaller land than a mountain