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Introduction to Biology

Organisms that get food from the outside environment.
Organisms that make their own food.
Explanation of natural phenomenon supported by a large body of evidence obtained thru investigations and observations.
Process by which plants capture energy from the sun and convert it to chemical food.
Changes that occur in an experiment that are directly caused by the experimenter.
All chemical processes that make or break down materials within an organism.
The study of life.
Variable that does not change.
Logical conclusion based upon observations, not tests.
Process by which organisms produce new organisms like themselves.
Principle known to be true.
Short segment of DNA.
Changes that occur due to independent variables.
Regulation and maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism.
Prediction/proposed answer to a scientific question.
Any individual living thing.
All living organisms need this to survive.
Exactness OR Consistency
Actual true value, correctness.
Change over generations.
The interactions of organisms between one another and their environment.
Hereditary information.
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The basic unit of life.