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Mary, our Holy Mother

______ chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son.
Elizabeth's baby in her womb ______ when he heard Mary's greeting.
Mary never ______ and had a pure heart.
The belief that Mary was free from Original Sin from the moment she was conceived.
Mary is honored as the greatest of the ______ because of her close relationship to Jesus.
Mary is called the Blessed Mother because of her loving care of Jesus and also for his ________.
The belief that when Mary's work on earth was done, God brought her body and soul to live forever with the risen Christ.
The ________ of the Rosary recall certain special times in the lives of Jesus and Mary.
Mary loved and _______ God through her entire life.
Mary's cousin did not think she would get pregnant because she was too ______.
This is also known as "The Canticle of Mary" and "The Song of Mary."
Mary visited her cousin who was also pregnant. What is her name?
Elizabeth said to Mary, "Most _______ are you among women, and _______ is the fruit of your womb." (same word)
Jesus was conceived by the power of the ______ ______.
"Crown of Roses"