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October is Gay and Lesbian History Month Part One

Author: Robert Grummons
21 February 1903, New York police conducted the first United States recorded raid on this gay bathhouse .
1926 – is the first major publication to use the word "homosexuality
1892 – Popular openly bisexual poet is born on 22 February.
1483 – Sodomites were stoned, castrated, and burned during the
326 BCE – Military leader Alexander the Great coverts millions to _____ views homosexual relationships positively.
1919 -, one of the first explicitly gay films, is released
In June 1969 – The ________ occur in New York
In 1917 "homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships are treated exactly the same by the law" in Russia by the
Sappho, a Greek lyric poet born on the island of Lesbos, was born between 630-612 BCE - Her name is currently used to describe:
Published by Plato in 385 BCE stated that love between males is the highest form.
is first used as a symbol of homosexual pride in 1978
is published in 1870, possibly the first American novel about a homosexual relationship.
1979 – The first national homosexual rights march_______________ on is held
1964 – Canada sees its first gay-positive organization
1977 – is elected city-county supervisor in San Francisco, becoming the fifth out American elected to public office
540–530 BCE – Wall paintings from the Etruscan Tomb of the Bulls depicts
1955 – (DOB) was founded in San Francisco in 1955 by four lesbian couples
the first lesbian paperback novel, and the beginning of the lesbian pulp fiction genre, was published in 1952
1811 – one of the two countries to decriminalizes homosexual acts.
became the first openly gay or lesbian judge in America when she was appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown to the San Francisco Municipal Court