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Project Choices, John DeSetto

Many battles between 2 or more places
Man-made canal that led from the Hudson River to Lake Erie
Current constitution of the U.S.
Colonists who believed in the American Revolution
People who opposed the constitution
A long trade route that America found during the Westward Expansion
First constitution of the U.S.
A Spanish explorer who discovered "The New World"
The purchase of land that the U.S. bought from France
People who supported the constitution
A large device used to raise a boat up from one layer of water to a higher one
7th president of the U.S.
Treaty that ended the war of 1812
The time period when the U.S. was expanding west
People who loved the country they lived in
List of the U.S. amendments
A nickname for the girls who worked in the Cotton Mills during the 1800s
Explorers that were helped by Sacagawea
Trade route that went from the Colonies to Europe to Africa
One of the ships the Pilgrims took to travel to the Colonies