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Grade 8 Quarter 3 Vocab

A sin we choose to commit, whether serious or less serious.
a prayer in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When we pray this we meditate on the mysteries of Jesus Christ's life while praying the Hail Mary.
one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It calls us to be faithful in our relationships with God and with others.
The unique change of the bread and wine in the Eucharist to the Body and Blood of the risen Jesus Christ.
A collection or summary of Church teachings for the education of the faithful
a finding by a Church Tribunal that at least one essential element for a marriage was not present on the day of the wedding. It cannot take place until after a person is civily divorced.
an attraction, from outside us or inside us, that can lead us to disobey God’s commands. Everyone is tempted, but the Holy Spirit helps us resist temptation and choose to do good.
the act of talking about the faults and sins of another person to someone who has no reason to hear this and who cannot help the person. It damages the reputation of another person without any intent to help that person.
a teaching that the Church assures Catholics is true and that Catholics are obliged to believe.  Transubstantiation, the Assumption, and the Immaculate Conception are all considered as these.
A possible outcome of particular judgment following death. It is a state of final cleansing after death of all our human imperfections to prepare us to enter into the joy of God’s presence in Heaven.
to make holy. Sacramentals and other Church practices make holy the everyday events and objects in our lives.
The Mark of the Church that indicates that Jesus continues to lead the church through the pope and the bishops. The pope and the bishops are successors of the Apostles.
a person who has a special understanding of God through intense personal experiences.
The gift of God, freely given, that unites us with the life of the Trinity. This helps us make the choices that conform our lives to God’s will.
A school for the training and spiritual formation of priests. They first became widespread in the Church during the renewals of the 1500’s.