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October is Gay and Lesbian History Month part two

Author: Robert Grummons
342 – One of the Two Christian emperors to pass The first law against same-sex marriage
1975 – Homosexuality is legalized in
1983 – Massachusetts Representative reveals he is gay on the floor of the House, becoming the first openly gay member of Congress
- 1814 –In the United States The term "Crime against nature" is first used in the
SPORUS is one of the two men who married Emperor
Eclogue 2 a notable example of homoerotic Latin literature is written in 42 BCE – 39 BC – by
- argues that sodomy is second only to murder in the ranking of sins 1265
- becomes the first widely publicized person to have undergone sex reassignment surgery, in this case, male to female, creating a world-wide sensation in 1952
- 1937 –Gay men in Nazi concentration camps began wearing the
1794 – The Kingdom of Prussia abolishes the death penalty for
1558–1563 – reinstates Henry VIII's old laws, including the Buggery Act 1533
Nero becomes Emperor of Rome. one of the two men Nero married
1951 – decriminalizes homosexuality
- The word faggot is first used in print in reference to gays in a vocabulary of criminal slang published in
1978 – San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone are assassinated by former Supervisor
- 390 it was declared homosexual sex to be illegal and those who were guilty of it were condemned to be______ in front of the public.
the Buggery Act 1533 making anal intercourse punishable by death throughout England was passed by
ascends the English throne and removes all of the laws that had been passed by Henry VIII 1553
1961 declares that anyone who is "affected by the perverse inclination" towards homosexuality should not be allowed to take religious vows or be ordained
- 1451 enables the papal Inquisition to persecute men who practice sodomy
- 244–249 – Emperor who tries and fails to outlaw homosexual prostitution
- 342 – One of the Two Christian emperors to pass The first law against same-sex marriage
1933 – homosexual groups are banned , and Homosexuals are sent to concentration camps by the.
1327 – is killed, allegedly by forcing a red-hot poker through his rectum
1st century AD a Roman silver drinking cup decorated in relief with two images of male same-sex acts. was called the?
The Christian emperor Justinian I (527–565) made homosexuals a scapegoat for problems such as
1970 – The first Gay Liberation Day March is held in