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Moses #2 of OT

Teacher: Mom and Dad
Teacher of a known truth, President Monson is one of these.
A shepherd, son of Adam and Eve
Hostility, animosity, ill feeling. The Lord placed this between between Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden
Anything greatly disliked or abhorred. Serious sin is this unto the Lord
Listen attentively. We should do this when the Lord communicates to us
A farmer, son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother and followed Satan
Teacher of a known truth
We are directed and encouraged to keep this book/record of our lives.
Substance used to anoint Enoch's eyes
A perceiver of hidden truth. Enoch became one of these when his eyes were anointed
Charm in a deceptive way
Group of animals Cain looked forward to getting when he killed his brother Abel
Of or relating to the body, sexual or sensual
Symbolize by serpent in the Garden of Eden
Mountains and rivers obey his command