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Moses #2 2nd ed. of Pearl Great Price

Teacher: Mom and Dad
What Cain looked forward to obtaining when he killed his brother. See Moses 5:33
Of or relating to the body, sexual or sensual
To listen attentively. ____ the Harold Angels sing
To charm in a deceptive way. This is what Satan did to Eve in the Garden of Eden
We are directed and encouraged to keep this book/record of our lives. Moses 6:46
Mountains and rivers obeyed this prophet and seer
This type of earth was placed on Enoch's eyes making him a "seer"
Moses 5:31 Cain's name as a master of evil to get gain and glory in wickedness
Hostility, animosity, ill feeling. The Lord place this between Adam & Eve and Satan
Has spiritual eyes, sees hidden truths. Enoch was one
Progression is stopped
Teacher of a known truth. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are this
Anything greatly disliked or abhorred. Moses 5:25
Eternal damnation, a persisting destruction
Moses 5:14 Men everywhere called upon by the Holy Ghost to do this
Symbolically a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Also known as Lucifer
A tiller of the earth (farmer), son of Adam & Eve who killed his brother.
Son of Adam & Eve. A shepherd, was killed by his brother