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Mr.Jackson (Instrument Families Intro)

What is the first instrument family?
What is the third instrument family?
There are many different types of _____ in the percussion family, such as congas, bongos and more.
This is a very popular woodwind instrument, yet is made out of brass material.
What is the fourth instrument family?
The Clarinet and _____ are two very important instruments in the Woodwind family.
This is a woodwind instrument that is usually played only in orchestras.
Who is your favorite music teacher?
What is the second instrument family?
This is the largest instrument in the third family of brass.
The ______ is the most popular instrument in the first family of strings.
This is an instrument with strings inside of it, but still uses the percussive element to be played.
The _______ and trombone are two very important instruments in the third family, brass.