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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Plants (Ch 8)

Name: ____________________________
Period:________ Date:_______________
Seedless vascular plants use ____ to reproduce.
A stem that produces bark is ________.
A starting material for photosynthesis that plants draw in through their roots.
A zygote develops into a/an ________.
Flowering plants that live for more than two years.
In a stem, the layer of cells that divides to produce new xylem and phloem.
The primary pigment in leaves is _____.
The most common type of gymnosperm.
Has two seed leaves
The reproductive structure of a conifer.
A plant's response to seasonal changes in the length of night and day.
When an embryo begins to grow and push out of the seed.
A seed leaf that sometimes stores food.
An old English word that means plant.
The transfer of pollen from the male reproductive structure to the female reproductive structure.
Small opening on the surface of most leaves through which gases can move
A plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed in a protective fruit.
Seeds on angiosperm are enclosed in a _____.
A storage sac in plant cells. A plant wilts when too much water has left its ______.
When fertilization occurs, a _____ forms.
Leaf-like structures that enclose a flower bud.
The energy source that powers photosynthesis.
A product of photosynthesis which we breath in is ____.
The male part of a flower.
A period when an organism growth or activity stops.
A waxy waterproof coating on leaves that keeps them from drying out.
A plant's growth towards or away from a stimulus.
The female part of a flower.
A soft, green stem is _______.
An angiosperm that has parallel veins.
The process by which water evaporates from a plants leaves
The cell part that contains a green pigment and is the site of photosynthesis.
Mosses are anchored by root like structures called _____.
A method in which plants are grown in solutions of nutrients.
A common seedless vascular plant.
A flowering plant that produces seeds in a protective structure.
Vascular tubes that carry water up from the roots are ______.
Vascular tubules that carry food from the leaves to the rest of the plant.
______ is produced by a male cone.
Pollen is produced in the ____ of a flower.
The _______ of a flower contains one or more ovule. This is where the seed develops.
The plant structure that contains an egg cell.
Flowering plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season.
A plant hormone that speeds up the rate of growth of plant cells.
A structure that contains a plant embryo inside a protective covering
The root ______ protects the root from injury as the root grows through the soil.