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Basic Geography

Teacher: Scarborough
This is an elevated area of flat land or a mountain with a flat top. 28
The study of earth and everything on it 10
The imaginary lines that mark absolute location that run east and west of the prime meridian
Places on earth that have at least one common feature 12
The exact position of a place 10
0 degrees longitude this line creates the eastern and western hemispheres 10
Some of the flattest land in the world 30
Big areas of flat, treeless land 30
Water that is on top of the ground that you can see vocab
0 degrees latitude this line creates the northern and southern hemispheres 10
This province is located in the north-central portion of the state 26
A description of location that gives someone an idea of where something is. For example, my house is east of McDonalds. 10
The ecosystem of plants and animals that live in an area. Also called a biome. 34
Half of the earth 10
An area where the land visibly changes 25
An underground pool of water vocab
A stream of smaller river that flows into a larger body of water 35
Water that is under the ground
An area of land that has valleys or basins of flat land in between mountain ranges 32
The imaginary lines used to mark absolute location that run north and south of the equator