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The Rich Young Ruler - Luke

"One's life does not consist in the abundance of his ________" (v15)
What did that rich young ruler want to tear down and make bigger?
The land of the Rich Man ______ many crops so that he had more that he needed for the time.
It wasn't a sin for the Rich Young Ruler to be wealthy. The sin was that he worshiped his ______ instead of worshiping God.
He told the parable of the Rich Young Ruler so that the crowd would understand that we should never trust in our own wealth but instead place our faith and trust in an all-powerful and loving God.
Someone in the crowd who heard the story that Jesus told wanted to collect this right away.
The Rich Young Ruler wanted to store so much of this in his barn so that he would not have to work any more?
The rich young ruler thought he was being ____ by storing grain away, but he should have looked at all he had and been generous instead, honouring God with his wealth.
What word does Jesus use to describe the unrighteous Rich Man in this parable?
We should never _____ our money or possessions but be generous to God.