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Elements and Principles of Art

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: John Glaister
E- a hue created by by bending light waves
P- occurs when the elements work together
P- showing optical, implied or kinetic motion
P- the size relationship of parts to one another or to a whole image
P-creates visual interest by varying the arrangement of elements
E- a range of light to dark that gives depth to an image
P- distributes the visual "weight" of objects in an image as either symetrical, asymetrical, or radial
P- repeating elements to imply motion
E- a visual representation of how a surface might feel.
P- creates a dominant element that becomes a focal point in the image
E- a shape that has the third dimension of depth
E- a line that closes on itself creating an inside and an outside
E- a continuous series of points on a surface