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Getting to Know Team Texas!

What did Benita want to be when she was small?
What kitchen appliance does Shawn use everyday? (2 words)
What is Jenny's hobby?
How old is the oldest store in the Texas Territory?
What is the last book that Lisa read? (2 words)
What is Michael's favorite family tradition? (3 words)
If Holly could live anywhere, where would it be? (3 words)
Who is Meggan's hero?
What Pier 1 location did Luke start at? (2 words)
What is Marion's favorite fast food chain? (2 words)
Where will the newest store in the Texas Territory be opened? (2 words)
What famous person is Susan related to? (2 words)
How many Pierformers are invited to attend next year's meeting? (2 words)
Who would play Jamie in the movie of her life? (2 words)
What form of transportation does Becky prefer?
What is the worst gift that Patty has ever received? (2 words)
What does Maria collect? (2 words)
What was Ted's favorite subject in school?
What is Mark's favorite family recipe? (2 words)
If money were no object, what job would Justin want? (2 words)
How many pillows does D'Arcy sleep with?
What is Gina's proudest moment? (2 words)
What does Stacy do to stay fit?
Who would Amber be stranded on a deserted island with? (2 words)
Who was Tawney's first crush? (2 words)
What is the last movie that Austin watched?
On a scale of 1-10, how funny does Jason think he is?
How many of this year's Texas Territory Pierformers will attend next year?