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Roots, stems, leaves, and flowers pages A10-A17

PLANTS textbook - First 4 lessons
___ ____ take in water and minerals.
Outer covering of the root is the ______.
The male part of the flower which is made up of the anther and filament is the ______.
The _____ ______ holds up the flower.
Leaves that twist around objects to support the plant are called _____.
A wide flat leaf is called a ______ ______.
A _______ ______ is a stem that has thick walls and fibers running through it. It dies after one season.
Connecting tubes that carry water and minerals from the soil upward are called ______.
Loosely packed cells where food making occurs is the ______ ______ of the leaf.
Part of a plant that connects its roots and its leaves is called _____.
The _____ is the cell layer that protects the leaf from drying out.
The reproductive part of a flowering plant is the ______.
Pollen is passed from flower to flower by birds and insects that carry it from the first flower to the next as the creatures drink nectar from the flowers.
The broad, flat part of the leaf is called the ______.
_____ is the column-like cells where food making occurs in the leaf.
The ___ ____ pushes the root through the soil.
Wood in the center of the woody stem or trunk is called ___________.
Modified leaves that protect the stem from animal intruders are called ______.
The female part of the flower which is made up of the stima, style and ovary is the _________.
One part of the transport system of a plant that works with the petiole- water enters the leaves through _______.
A _______is one main root that stores food.
Leaves shaped to reduce water loss like on pine, spruce and fir trees, are called _____ _____.
The ____ of the root connects the epidermis with the inner core.
A system of branching roots like those of grass are called ____ _____.
Cell Layer that protects the leaf and allows for the exchange of gases is the _____ _____.
Cells that carry nutrients through the stem and down to the root are ____.
A stem that is alive after one season and can live for many years is a ______ stem.
Colorful showy part of the flower is the _____.
Outer layer of cells between the bark and the heartwood of a tree trunk is called _________.
The ______ is the outside protective covering of woody stem.
The food-making factory of a plant is a ________.
Underground foundations of a plant are _____.