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Crown of Flowers Sephora

Represents the fact that we do not test on animals.
We do not use ingredients derived from red meat, poultry, seafood or the flesh of any other animal.
Multi-vitamin for boosted skin nutrition
Smoothes the skin using natural retinol from Rosehip Seed Oil, a weightless oil blend of vitamins
What is the shelf life of out product?
We use our own farm and garden to grow organic ingredients without the use of chemicals.
different countries.
Increases cell turnover; Natural source of BHA
certifies that no animal tests were used in the development/production of any product.
We use recyclable glass bottles and packaging, and the ink on our cartons is soy-based.
We do every step of the process in-house in Vermont, reducing our carbon footprint.
Boosts micro-circulation, great for trauma and inflammation
natural preservative
Arnica, Alfalfa, Calendula, Borage, Meadsweet
Anti-inflammatory, good for soothing and calming