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St. John's Book Club Kids

Coyote cat
_____ from Savannah
California's mom's dog
California's exotic pet checken
Annie played the . . .
What Johnny Austin called Maggie
Antagonist in The Benefits of Being An Octopus
6 year old sister named after a flower in The Vanderbeekers
How many blocks?
Zoey's only friend
The kids whose parents all had cancer
Bus riding, head butting goat
The type of trees that Johnny Austin made syrup from
The tree found at the edge of the lake
Biz and Lucy's pony
Annabelle's stuffy aunt
He got Johnny Austin's heart
He is missing a leg
Where sisters Viji and Rukku live
Flower in all the paintings Maggie found in the barn
Falls from the sky
California's dog
Rodeo's transportation
Deacon's old dog
Rukku's dog
War vet who was discriminated against