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Trees and ALB

Trees that shed their leaves annually
The care and management of trees in a city
ALB country of origin
Material people cannot move out of regulated area
Another name for ALB egg site
ALB look alike insect
Collectively all tree species ALB favor are known as ____ trees
Winged fruit on Acer species
Number of towns included in regulated area
Leaf type with more than one leaflet, all attached to single petiole
Acer platanoides
Tree _______ is the only known way to eradicate ALB.
Leaves that are directly across from each other on a twig
Genus for Grey Birch
Tree bark __________ when it peels in shreds or thin layers
An organism that is not native to a particular area
Sign of ALB damage that is perfectly round
City where ALB was found first in Massachusetts
The study of trees
State tree of Massachusetts
Bud at the tip or end of the stem
Host tree with papery triangular capsules
Teeth or "________" marks that are visible on the outer edges of ALB egg sites
Complete ALB life cycle can take 1 to ___ years
Leaves that are staggered, not across from each other on a twig
Official "check your trees" month
Sawdust like material created from larval feeding
Preferred ALB maple host tree