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O'Neil's Tree Service Crossword Puzzle

Great puzzle to increase your tree knowledge.
What tree fruit is crisp and often red?
What is the largest wooden plane made from?
What product used in gardening can be made from tree waste?
What do trees use to stabilize themselves and pick up water and nutrients from the soil?
What do twigs grow on?
What is a small branch?
What transports food made in the leaves to the roots?
What is a palm leaf called?
What precious gas do trees produce?
What do trees use to capture sunlight?
What does a Macadamia tree produce?
How do new trees grow?
What is a large branch on a tree called?
What is the stem of a leaf called?
What can you use to make a fire?
What does a tree have for protection?
What is the female seed of an oak tree?
What food does a tree store for use later?
What tree produces a tasty syrup?
What transports water and nutrients to the canopy?