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Knife Magazine Knife Glossary

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A modern moldable opaque plastic manufactured by DuPont and often used to simulate jigged bone or stag.
A fixed blade knife with all metal mounts and sheath. The traditional knife of the cowboys of southern South America. "______ Knife"
The metal tips at the end(s) of a knife’s handles.
A blade with a straight or concave slice cut out of the spine at its tip. The cut can be fairly short or extend much of the length of the blade. "_____ point".
Synonym for Butterfly Knife
Another term for an “switchblade knife.”
Any large (5″ or greater) jack knife rugged enough to be suitable for serious use by a hunter for field-dressing larger game. "Folding ______"
Another name for a "Sunfish Pattern". 3 words
A blade with a parallel spine and edge terminating with the edge sweeping up almost to the spine and having a short, clipped-off end. Used in cattle castration and other applications
A pen knife with blades pivoting from both sides, and perhaps both ends. "_______ Pattern"
A blade made with all the beveling toward its edge done on one side. The opposite side is completely flat. "_______ grind"
A laminated blade with hard steel sandwiched between two layers of softer steel/iron. Two words
Engraving or carving on natural materials such as ivory, bone, horn, etc. The engraving is filled with pigment to bring out the detail.
A creamy-white dentine material that composes most of the tusk of the elephant, walrus, hippopotamus, etc
Invented ca. 1870, a tough man-made thermoplastic material, composed of cellulose nitrate and camphor
The grooves or patterns cut into (usually bone) handle material to simulate the appearance of stag
A slender dagger. Also, loosely, a pointy folding knife in the Italian style.
A double-end jack knife similar to a large Wharncliffe handle pattern. It always carries a pruning blade and a spey blade. "_______ Jack"
The area along the spine of a blade, starting at the tip and generally extending about one-third of the way toward the tang, which is beveled somewhat creating a “false” (unsharpened) edge.
A metal loop on one end of a knife’s handle, used to secure the knife to a lanyard, chain or other means of retention
Westinghouse’s trademarked name for a phenolic plastic laminated with other materials such as linen, paper, or canvas.
A long, thin, regular jack knife which has a flat, one-piece, “seal cap” covering the entire head-end of the knife. "_________ Knife"
A larger serpentine knife with a very pronounced curvature
A fixed blade knife with a long, thin, somewhat flexible blade (typically 12″ to 24″) used primarily for chopping brush or harvesting tropical plants such as sugar cane.