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*Forces (Ch 8)

Water and other fluids exert an upward force called the ______ force.
_____ friction occurs when a solid moves through water or air.
Newton's third law is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite ______.
The force of gravity acts between all objects in the universe that have ______.
As the distance between objects increases, the gravitational force ______.
______ friction acts between objects that aren't moving.
If an object is ____ dense than the fluid it is in, it will float.
When the forces on an object act in opposite direction, the strength of the net force is found by _____ the strength of the smaller force from the larger force.
The combination of all the forces on an object is called the _____ force.
The net force is equal to the mass times the ______.
_____ is a force that pulls objects toward each other.
Objects that orbits around other objects in space are called _____.
Gravity continuously changes a satellite's ______.
When a solid moves across another solid, there is ____ friction.
One newton is equal to one ______ times meters per second per second.
The more mass an object has, the _____ the gravitational force between it and other objects.
Resistance to change in motion is called ______.
Friction is affected by the types of _______.
A push or pull is a _____.
When the only force acting on an object is gravity, the object is said to be in ______.
The _____ of a moving object can be determined by multiplying the object's mass by its velocity.
A force that causes an object to move in a circular path is a _____ force.
A non-zero net force causes a change in the object's _____.
An object will ___ if it is more dense than the fluid it is in.
Friction acts in a direction ______ to the object's motion.
The force that two surfaces exert on each other when they rub against each other is called _____.
The total momentum of any group of objects remains the same, or is ____ unless outside forces act on the objects.
When an object moves using wheels, there is _____ friction.
Acceleration equals the net force _____ by mass.
Friction is affected by how hard the surfaces are ______ together.
_____ is a measure of the force of gravity on an object.
When two object's of the same mass collide but don't stick together, they ____ velocities.
The strength of a force is measured in the SI unit called the _____.
The greater an objects ____ the greater its inertia.