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8.2 Animal Science Vocab

Designating early or mild stages of a disease before signs or symptoms are noticeable; symptomless or low-grade infections.
To introduce a substance into the body of an animal or plant by mechanical means.
Applied externally to a particular part of the body.
The number of heartbeats per unit of time usually expressed as beats per minute.
A dispenser with a plunger mechanism in the barrel used to place medicine in the form of pills or capsules in the back of an animal’s mouth or down its throat so that the animal cannot spit the medicine out.
Within the muscles.
Frequency of breathing, expressed as the number of breaths per minute.
To care for a sick animal or diseased plant by giving it proper attention and medication.
Index of essential body functions, comprising heart rate, body temperature, and respiration.
Fully aware and attentive; wide-awake; keen.
The process of identifying a disease by examination and study of its symptoms.
Taken by mouth.
The state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.
A large pill for dosing animals.
A temperature higher than normal in animals, which may be caused by disease organisms, poisonous plants, etc.
A disease that is marked by long duration and frequent recurrence.
Any animal disease that can be transmitted from animals to other animals and to people.
A disease in which symptoms of the disease are expressed. Symptoms allow identification of the disease.
A fluid dose of medication given by introducing it into the mouth, usually with a dose syringe.
The state wherein all body parts of plants, animals, and people are functioning normally.
The degree of heat in a living body.
Any person, especially one trained in diagnosis, who determines the nature and cause of a disease or abnormality in plants or animals and prescribes a treatment.
Situated or occurring beneath the skin. A subcutaneous injection is put just under the skin.
A perceptible change in any part of the body, which indicates disease. A group of symptoms that, considered together, characterize a disease syndrome.
A disease the runs a short, severe course.
Abnormal lung sounds in cases of pneumonia or lung inflammation.