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8.4 Animal Science Vocab

The act of preventing; effectual hindrance.
Localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the disintegration of tissue.
Any substance that stimulates the formation of antibodies when it is introduced into the body.
A hollow needle used to inject solutions.
A kind of immunity acquired by animals when they are injected with antibodies against some disease.
Injury or diseased condition of tissues or organs.
The type of immunity in animals where the animal plays a part in the development of that immunity.
Immunization that is manufactured from altered versions of pathogens.
A small device consisting of a glass, metal, or hard rubber tube, narrowed at its outlet, and fitted with either a piston or a rubber bulb for drawing in a quantity of fluid or for ejecting fluid in a stream, for cleaning wounds, injecting fluids into the body, etc.
Germ-killing substance produced by a bacterium or mold.
The very specific biological substance that the body itself manufactures to combat specific diseases following an attack of a disease or following a vaccination.
Immunization that is manufactured from dead versions of pathogens.
In, into, or from within a vein or veins.
Science or study of immunity and its factors.
An animal, carcass or food that has been declared unfit for human consumption.
The passing of bacteria, microorganisms, or other harmful substances indirectly from one patient to another through improper or unsterile equipment, procedures, or products.
To render an animal resistant to disease by vaccination or inoculation.
Introduction into healthy plant or animal tissue of microorganisms to produce a mild form of the disease, followed by immunity.
To draw by suction
Having resistance to the action of something, such as a disease. It may be inborn, may result from exposure to a disease, from having had a disease, or from having received an injection of immune serum.
A process of injecting controlled amounts of microorganisms or microorganism products (vaccine) into an animal in an effort to prevent that animal from contracting a disease caused by that particular organism; the substance injected is called an antigen; it stimulates the production of antibodies that provides some protection to the host from the invading organism.
A substance that contains live, modified, or dead organisms or their products that is injected into an animal in an attempt to protect the host from a disease caused by that particular organism.
The thickness or diameter of various, usually thin, objects.
Within the muscles.