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Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

Student: Alexa Martin
Group of cells that are grown in a nutrient soultion
The study of living things
Interpretation made from prior knowledge
Chemical reactions an organism builds up to break down materials
Another word for dependent variable
A test where you change only one of the variables
Microscope that that allows light to pass and uses two lenses
Signal an organism responds
When a single parent reproduces by itself
System of measurement on a scale of multiples from ten
When cells are broken to smaller pieces
When organisms are stable in an internal environment
Evidence to learn about the real world
Well-tested explanation to something
Use of one or more senses to collect information
Device that magnifies smaller objects
When a scientist purposely changes something in an experiment
Hypothesis that life could start out of no where
When cells from two different parents unite to make the first cell of a new organism
Inference made on observations
Information collected from observations
Basic unit of life