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Edgar New Puzzle Math and Science

An iron rod that attracts other pieces of iron
What you get when you heat water in a saucepan to 212 degrees [watch it! HOT!)
A name for a number that is only evenly divisible by itself or by one
Where animals are found in a city
The field of knowledge that relies heavily upon math and proof
The range of wavelengths of energy emitted by a heavenly object, such as a distant star
A joint along the arm
A distance unit used in Europe as part of the Metric system
Gooey goodies
Volcano on Sicily
An instrument for looking at distant things
Longest leg of a right triangle
Longest straight line across a circle
How to calculate area from length and width of a rectangle
A severe storm that twists its way across the land
Balance ______
The sense you use to stay upright when you ride a bike
A track event
The word answer for (12 x 10)/(9-5)
Fast. REALLY fast
A desert wanderer
The name for a circle that has been stretched equally at two opposite points
An evil alien being
A triangle shaped glass that breaks white light into colors
The taste of raw lemon juice
A body with a tail in the sky
The shape you see if you take a circle and rotate it on any point on its circumference
The electronic return information that is used to determine distance to a target
Small fish often in schools
A temperature below zero
What 4 is to 16 but 6 is not to 12 [2 words]
What you want after doing all the calculations
What an amateur can turn
Letters on a book's spine
Water in every river eventually ends up here
The name for a line drawn from the top-right corner of a rectangle to the lower-left corner
A strong burst of electromagnetic energy that can zap alien ships or cut metal in a factory [2 words]
A satellite
A remote controller for your hand on the computer
An electronic tool that helps track storms, ships or enemy aircraft
A memory aid for learning the colors of the rainbow starting with RED
The term for two straight lines that never meet
Where the Function keys reside
The feature of car tires so that they grip the road surface
An electronic tool that helps track whales, fish and enemy submarines
A person born in the USA
The tiniest part of a molecule
An extraterrestrial
The tippy-top
Nasty Nile reptiles