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fairy tales and nursery rhymes

Where did the old woman with all of her children live
A sleeping princess
A bad guy in stories
An unhappy dwarf
Went up the hill with Jill
Went to Mr. Mc Gregors cabbage patch
He was a merry old soul
What could Jack not eat
How many blind mice were there
Had a little lamb
rub-a-dub dub,How many men were there in the tub?
They were baked in a pie for the king
What ran up the clock
When it rained, what did the old man do?
A dwarf with a cold
Hey diddle diddle what did the cow jump over
He fell off the wall
Visited the bears house
What did nimble jack jump over
What do the stars do
Miss Muffett sat on one
Has a glass slipper
Who chased red riding hood
What did the Queen of Hearts bake
What time did the clock strike when the mouse ran up the clock