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Parts of the Mass

Teacher: Stacey Rodriguez
A sacred vessel designed to expose the consecrated Host to the congregation either for adoration .
Where the Blessed Sacrament is stored.
Table where on which the Sacrifice of Mass is offered.
This is a profession of our Faith.
Chalice like vessels used at communion when the people receive from the cup.
When the bread and Wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
The sleeveless outer garment, slipped over the head, hanging down from the shoulders covering the alb and stole of the priest.
This part of the Bible can be sung.
This is one of the authors of the Gospel.
is a long bench seat or enclosed box, used for seating members of acongregation
A long white garment which can be used by all liturgical ministers.
we come together to pray and worship: stand and sing
This holds the bread that becomes the body of Christ.
Prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
First part of the Mass. This is the introduction to the Mass.
A white cloth use to cleanse the chalice.
priest speaks about the gospel and scriptural readings
A long cloth "scarf."
A long cord used for fastening albs at the waist.
a vessel containing holy water
The large cup used at Mass used to hold the wine which becomes the Blood of Christ.