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Halloween Trivia

Author: The Local Mag
Big red nose and poofy hair. Originally created for fun a laughter , some have turned to the dark side!
A blood thirsty villain
Ghost do this!
Kids love to do this on Halloween Night!
Human by day and creature by night. Silver bullet anyone?
One who is undead
Carve and Hollow this
Result of Trick or Treating!
With body parts of different creatures, and bolts sticking out either side of his neck, he has a face not even a mother could love!
Don't let this cross your path, or bad luck will be headed your way!
Her cackle crashes through the midnight sky as she rides around on her brromstick
Wear it on October 31st!
These creatures are not always demonic or vengeful, some are lonely and restless waiting for someone or something to get them to the other side
This monster lives under your bed! He is the reason you are afraid to sleep with your light off!