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Foundation of US History Ch. 4

US History: Coach Green
Governments Hands off approach to the economy
Refers to society of equals
Participation of the common people in political life
created in 1787 to outline the duties of our government
Amendment that protects your eminent domain
Founding father who was a protestant minister who recruited soldiers as a minister. became part of a group known as the Black Regiment
Patrick Henry said of the American Revolutionary war " Give me Liberty or give me _______"
1st 10 amendments of the Constitution
_____, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
First name of the man who wrote the declaration of independence
Amendment that gave us the right to bear arms
Wealthy Founding father, who was Catholic, helped finance the war with his own money
Prohibited denying individual men their voting rights based on their race
Amendment that abolished slavery
Principal at Rider
Out of many comes one
Amendment that guarantees are freedoms and rights to speech, religion, the press, petition and assembly
First written form of Government in the United States
Under the fourth amendment a judge must sign a search ______ before searching your property
Scottish immigrant who became the leading member in the continental Congress. Later became the President of a college now known as Princeton.
A citizen cannot be deprived of life, liberty or property without ______________
1st to sign the Declaration of Independence
Became the national motto in 1956
Founding father who was known as the Father of American medicine
_______ jeopardy
1st Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court