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The Boy Who Saved Baseball Chapter 4

Puzzle Type: Educational
The Boy Who Saved Baseball: Chapter 4: Mrs. Guthrie
Leading up to the World Series, Del Gato's hitting streak was...
The players and coaches had to do this before anyone could play or practice baseball.
Synonym for sparkled
Boom-lay, boom-lay, boom-boom-boom is an example of what type of Figurative Language.
His stomach feels like a rodeo ring with broncos bucking left to right.
The type of wood that Cruz's bat was made of.
Synonym for jaw.
How does the author describe Del Gato's home?
Left the game of baseball right before the start of the World Series.
The loss of respect, honor
Items in a row
The science that deals with matter and energy
To strap something or someone down
According to Mr. Gallagher, the most important detail in deciding what bat to choose.