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Belltown Edition

Next to First
The day we eat Root Pie
To show appreciation, say
Most popular game on the block
Place for poke
Like Karaage Setsuna's chicken
A meeting at an agreed time and place
It's her cantina
Rise Up _____
The time when 2nd Ave. was known as 'Film Row'
Wood that is cursed
Tool, either manual or powered
Master Sushi Chef _____ Kashiba
Number of points at Belltown's 24/7 diner
Skilled horseman, in Español
Vessel for homemade gin
Family, in Hawaiian
Petite hotel on 1st Ave.
Cinerama specialty
Ethan Stowell's pastaria
Root Pie President, _______ Simpson
First & _____
One eyed
Belltown clown's delicacy
Hot, molten rock
The fifth planet
Special ingredient in Cleen Craft's soda
The spot for Caribbean cuisine
Not Roy, but ____
Green horseradish paste
What you will have in Belltown
Where one gets Weird Beer
Belltown's Drink of Choice
______ Coney Island
Belltown's Theater entrepreneur of the 20's B.F. ______
Where you can find 'Phone Free Happy Hour'
Like a sailors rum
It's very serious
The 2014 Taylor Swift hit, or Belltown's Boba bar
Frequently checked in the neighborhood
Where Alice went down
Mayor of Belltown, Glen "_____" Freeman
Green Leaf specialty
A shot and a ____
Served at the 'back bar'
New Derschang development
Local cabaret theater
For all your cannabis needs, visit 'Have A ____'
Honey-yellow, or fossilized tree resin
A large, semiaquatic reptile
Neon Boots' Mascot
Wine served at Vinnie's
Sake House for Late Night Sushi
Like many basements in Belltown
Serving you the biggest slice in Belltown
The stop for Late Night Halal
Honey-yellow, or fossilized tree resin
Served at Bedlam
It's his grocery on 3rd Ave.
Many of these are spent happy
Place for 'Japanese Haute Cuisine'
Hair salon on 2nd