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Geography lesson 3-4

Teacher: Susan O'Mahoney
Large ice sheet extending from land over the sea
Smaller body of water
Huge rigid slabs of earth crust
Projection where parts of oceans are removed to lessen distortion
Showing large area, small amount of detail
Projection centered on one of the poles
Object with height, width, and depth
Occurring at the same time
Projection that maintains overall shape and positions of continents without extreme distortion
First cartographer to name North and South America. Accurate shapes, inaccurate sizes on map
Imaginary line that circles earth and divides it in half
Twisted or stretched out of shape
Relationship between size on a map and actual size
One who studies oceans
Instrument with needle that points north
Continuous area of land ice
Circular projection showing half the globe accurately reflecting curvature of the earth
Oval projection that maintains realistic shapes with minor distortion at all latitudes
Massive floating ice that is flat on top
System by which lines of latitude and longitude are drawn onto a planar surface representing the curved surface
Large amount of detail
Cohesive mass of floating ice found in Arctic and Antarctic oceans
Travel between 2 points on the great circle
Amount of salt in a solution
Half a sphere
Search for something
Body of saltwater covering earth's surface
Agreement where both parties give up something
Large hunk of floating ice
Part of map showing what symbols represent