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Mongoose vs. Snakes

Kenyan sand boas have orange, brown, and cream ________ covering and protecting their bodies.
Dwarf mongoose are __________, which means they eat plants AND other animals.
Dwarf mongoose live on this continent.
Kenyan sand boas are ________, which means they only eat other animals.
To stay _______ in the desert, Kenyan sand boas hunt in the early morning and evening when the sun is not out.
Kenyan sand boas live in the sandy _______ of Africa.
Mongoose love to eat these reptiles: __________.
Dwarf mongoose are diurnal, which means they sleep at _______.
Kenyan sand boas are solitary, which means they live _______.
Lincoln Park Zoo has one species of mongoose: the _________ mongoose.
Kenyan sand boas use their orange, brown, and cream-colored bodies to _________ in the sand.
This snake lives at Lincoln Park Zoo and is a favorite snack for the dwarf mongoose: Kenyan _____ Boa.
Mongoose are small animals that live in underground _______.
Kenyan sand boas have _______ on top of their head to see predators and prey while buried in the sand.
Dwarf mongoose are small compared to other kinds of mongoose. They can grow up to 10 _______ in length.
The dominant male in a mongoose family keeps the family safe from ________.
A Kenyan sand boa's nose is shaped like a _______ to help it dig into the sand.
As the Kenyan sand boa slithers through the sand, it leaves behind a ________.
A mongoose is a m_mm_l.
Mongoose live in large family groups, also called a ______.