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Rising Sun Tavern Crossword

A beverage meant for a crowd or party, served in a bowl, made from citrus fruit juice, sugar, water, spices, and spirits like rum/whiskey/gin
These symbols were added to pieces of printed paper products so they could legally be bought or sold in the days before the Revolution. Patriots were upset at having to pay for these without voting for it.
This member of the Washington family (the youngest brother of George) was the first resident of our building, who had it built for himself and his family in about 1760
Many figures who lived or worked at our site joined these mostly informal groups to fight in the War of Independence
This building was detached from the main Tavern building, mainly to avoid an excess of heat, smoke, and bad smells
This obscure bowling game was played outdoors with nine pins and is still popular in many pubs today
One of the main causes of the American Revolution. Parliament passed laws and taxes that affected colonists without their consent. Patriots called this "taxation without _________"
Travelers and merchants would often get to Fredericksburg, and our Tavern, on this important waterway
A type of metal used in creating dining and drink ware. We now know it is poisonous when used often over a long period of time.
Virginia's main cash crop at the time, which tavern guests commonly used. They could also pay for their meals or night's stay with this.
Something added to the hair of early Americans to color and style it, often colored white, brown, red, or black, but sometimes blue, pink, or green
This building once stood on the Tavern grounds, where horses were sheltered and fed for guests staying overnight
The only source of heat for the many guests that would have stopped at the Tavern in the winter
This mode of transportation was most common on Virginia's rough roads, but was likely to break down or get stuck
A war that was very important in the history of early Fredericksburg, and one that impacted the history of the building where our museum now stands
This document was required to legally operate a tavern (and still is today!)
A beverage made from apples that was easy and cheap to produce, often served in early American taverns
A phrase short for "public house," AKA a tavern