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Operate Communications Equipment Xword #1

(c) NSW State Emergency Service, RYDE Unit.
Author: Aaron Binns
Sounding slightly higher but without discomfort
Somewhat of a grouch
Three medium tones, then placed in a queue until you get two high tones
Dividing the message into natural phrases
Repeating back over and over and over...
To transmit messages exactly as written
Situation report
May interfere with radio communication
Stop everything and listen, something really bad is happening!
To avoid distortion, speak like in a normal conversation
Handheld version of the humble radio
Greek Letter for a river mouth
Device to send and receive voice messages in the field
Storms, power-lines and machinery can cause this
End of exchange, no answer needed
Talking at a pace that can be clearly understood, able to be written down
The month before summer
Sending signals in line of sight
South-American country
Needed for record keeping (5,3)
The Scottish sport
A father figure
This is not an exercise
Another commonwealth country
The "top dog"
Malt liquor
Your orange two-piece
Message understood
From the northern USA
Quality of transmission is so poor it cannot be understood
You might stay here when on deployment
A reply is required
To use non-complex and concise language
A lawn-mower
Keeping your message short and simple
A famous dance
Special words for radio usage
The system the NSWSES uses for most radio traffic
To go somewhere in a normal fashion
The coverage of a radio network
Figures, Letters or combinations used to identify a user on the radio
Alphabet for sounding out words
Montreal is the capital
Line of Sight radio communications
Used when conditions are poor and words are difficult to understand (1,5)
Travel with lights and sirens
A mountain range
Silent on GRN, but you should always talk through this to maintain transmit rights