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A atomic particle with a negative charge.
Another name for atomic number
A molecule bond in which two atoms share a pair of valence electrons
A chemical reaction that absorbs heat
The number of protons in an atom's nucleus
A reaction that transforms energy from one form to another
A substance that cannot be divided into simpler substances
Energy related to an objects motion
A chemical element whose symbol is O
a ring of electron around a nucleus of an atom
An atomic particle with a positive charge
The name given to all the material that makes up the natural world
An atomic particle in atoms nucleus that has no charge
The fundamental unit that makes up all matter in our physical world
The number of particles in atom's nucleus
A molecule consisting of 1 carbon and 1 oxygen atom
A molecule consisting of 1 carbon and 2 oxygen atoms
The relative amount of pull one atom has on the electrons of another atom
The number of neutrons in an atoms nucleus
A chemical reaction that releases heat
A group of atoms connected by bonds
Having no electrical charge
Connections between atoms, used to form compounds and molecules
A chemical element, the symbol is C