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Author: Salsa
Laborers. Harvest is plentiful but __ are few Luke 10:2
Work. I will eat & drink & see good in all my __; it is Your gift, God. Eccl.3:13
Fold-up camping bed
Cut the lawn 4 croquet
Vacation in a tent in the woods
Workers' wage
Lift. Help a kid C a parade, __ her
Bucolic setting 4 a picnic
Calendar time. Labor Day __ is 1st Monday in September
Conclusion. Labor Day is the __ of summer vacations
Outdoor basket meal
Chow. Jesus said, Labor not 4 __ that spoils, but 4 eternal life. John 6:27
Deluxe camper U drive
Negative word. Do __ leave your dog in a hot car!
Prep & ingredients list 4 potato salad
Winter vacation paradise (ab)
National festival
It wafts from campfire
Sport. Tennis is a racquet __
Christmas dairy drink, egg__
Organized labor group
Shampoo & trim dog hair
Relaxation. Jesus said, Come to Me all you who labor & are heavy laden & I will give you __. Matthew 11:28
Saturday & Sunday combined. Labor Day is a 3 day __ for some
Relaxation. An RV is a __ vehicle
More. Workers want __ pay for Labor Day
Hot season. Labor Day is the unofficial end of __
Yard 4 croquet
Return. Labor Day signals __ to school
Back boats down this incline
Marching event through town w/floats & clowns
Frozen dessert scoped in a cone
Submachine gun unwelcome @ your better picnics
Racquet sport. US Open is a Labor Day __ tournament in NY
Gala get-together
Hook, line & sinker pastime
Act. What U __ w/Jesus now = what He does w/U later
Slumber. The __ of the laborer is sweet. Eccl.5:12
Tiresome boredom of monotonous tasks
Air machine or sports spectator
Scorch steaks
Major literary work
Deity. __ will not forget your labor of love. Hebrews 6:10
Either __
Fools do this when God says stop