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Save The Team - Adverbs

used to say that something good or lucky has happened
in an exact manner
not causing any physically unpleasant feelings : producing physical comfort
possessing all necessary parts; being such to the fullest degree
not of the same kind : partly or totally unlike
without cheating or lying : in an honest way
difficult or impossible to believe; extremely good, great, or large
without doubt : in a way that is certain or clear
acting like a friend : kind and helpful
having or showing feelings of being worried and afraid about what might happen
afraid or nervous especially about what may happen
completely; entirely
almost always
in a direct way; in a straight or direct line from a particular position; without delay
hardly or scarcely — used to say that something was almost not possible or almost did not happen; almost not at all
without any delay
used to say that something is necessary and cannot be changed or avoided
not very long
not too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities : not showing or feeling great or excessive pride
in a serious way; to a large or great degree or extent; to treat (someone or something) as being very important and deserving attention or respect