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Earth Science 2

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The length of time that it takes for half the original number of radioactive atoms to change into some other kind of atom.
The study of rock layers.
Measuring regular, sometimes cyclical, events.
The study of tree rings for growth and age information.
A condition or factor involved in an experiment.
Layers of sedimentary rock are initially deposited horizontally.
Specific groups of animals have succeeded one another in a definite sequence through Earth's history.
The actual age of something.
A quality of an element, where it suddenly changes into another element by giving off energy or small bits of matter.
In sedimentary rock layers, the layers near the bottom are the oldest and the layers near the top are the youngest.
A degree of hotness or coldness measured on a definite scale.
If a rock contains fragments of another rock, the fragments must be older than the rock containing them.
Comparing or matching layers of rock or fossils from one area with another area.
A technique used to date materials, based on a knowledge of the decay rates of naturally occurring isotopes and the current amounts.
The same geological processes which operate today have been operating all along.
The age of something in relation to other things, not an absolute date.
Atoms of the same element that are different from each other.