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The Science Museum of Virginia

Summer Exhibit
Month in 1977 the first permanent exhibit opened
# lockers in the volunteer lounge
The Dome was originally The _______Imax Dome
Experiment lab
Replaced the terra cotta rotunda dome roof
John Russell Pope
Shortened name
Chief Wonder Officer
Mid day science
Science eats
Adult science
Type of volunteer award
Keeps track of volunteer hours
Messy event
Sometimes drop from the ceiling
Old _____ station
5 and under
Science After ______
Swings from rotunda ceiling
The Forge opened in two thousand and __________
3 of these no shows and you're off the schedule
Another volunteer identity
Ecolab friends
Another word for a giant global display system
Film host
World's first aluminum submarine
Forge Open _________
Model ______
Rat entertainment
% discount in cafe for volunteers
Maker space
April 25
Meetings in the volunteer lounge
Barbara Thalhimer
Light up fun
Scientific breakthrough
Race an alligator
Event space
Train on site
Community type of science
Ball out front