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The Science of Electrolytes

Teacher: Cade Museum for Creativity + Invention
_______ depletion: having too little salt in bloodstream.
Salt only enters the cell with this major ingredient of Gatorade.
Second major electrolyte in Gatorade.
To give off moisture.
Greek Goddess of the storm clouds.
Another word for salt.
A method of separating a mixture of chemicals.
Ability to conduct an electrical charge.
Conical flat-bottomed flask used in science experiments.
__________ reaction. A chemical reaction that produces heat.
Roman soldiers were paid in this life-giving substance.
Form of glucose stored in muscles and used up quickly.
Fruit that saved the first batch of Gatorade.
Invented in 1965 for the University of Florida Gators.
A simple sugar that provides fuel for athletes.
Major food group that provides fuel for athletes.
Unit of measure in electrical circuits.
Too little water in the bloodstream.
Electrically charged particles like salt.
Carry the electrical charge in the body.
Slender tube with a bulb used for measuring small amounts of liquids.
Materials that do not conduct electricity.
Carries the negative charge in a battery.
Italian inventor of the first wet-cell battery.