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Music Terms and Expressions

Fast tempo/speed
A curved line connecting two notes, indicating to play them as a single note
The speed of a composition
A symbol written to the left of the note that raises the pitch by one half step
Medium tempo/speed
Moderately slow tempo/speed
A pause in the music..the note is held
The director of a group of musicians
Gradually get softer
Two notes that sound the same but are spelled differently
Straight line connecting two or more notes: eighth notes
A small line written above or below the staff to extend the range of notation
The interval between two adjacent notes of the same name
Sign that indicates a section of music to be played again
A symbol used to indicate silence in music
5 Horizontal lines on which notes are written
A complete musical thought
A combination of three or more notes sounding at the same time
A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate names of lines and spaces
Slow and stately
Smooth and connected
Gradually get louder
Medium soft
A curved line connecting two or more notes, indicating to play the music smoothly
The numbers of lines and spaces between two notes
A vertical line on the staff to separate measures
A dot above or below the note that indicates playing of the music should be short and detached
Medium loud
A small symbol to the right of the note that increases the duration by on half
Symbols such as sharps or flats that raise or lower the pitch
Symbols that indicate a change in the volume of a song
Quick and lively tempo
The space between two barlines
A musical pulse
Very fast
A symbol written to the left of the note that lowers the pitch by one half step