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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Birds Need Plants, Plants Need Birds

This wormlike creature will turn into a butterfly or moth if a bird doesn’t eat it first!
This makes plants green and traps sunlight during the process of photosynthesis.
Plants make these so that more plants can grow, and many birds like to eat them.
Some birds, bees, and butterflies drink this sweet liquid that some flowers make.
These are the parts of plants that take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
This word describes plants and animals that evolved together to share the same habitat.
Plants take in _____ dioxide from the air.
This is the process plants use to turn light energy from the sun into food they need to survive.
This word describes plants and animals that evolved to survive somewhere else but now live in a different habitat.
Native plants and animals have ________ together over many, many years to survive in a particular habitat.
Plants absorb water from the soil through their ______.
This is the gas that plants release during photosynthesis.
To a gardener, this may be an unwanted plant, but to a bird, it might be a source of food.
This flying insect’s eggs hatch into caterpillars that many birds eat and feed to their chicks.
Energy from light shining down from this is what plants use to make food during photosynthesis.