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Basketball Terminology

Opponents working against each other
Two or three steps inside the three-point arc line extended off the court mirroring the ball
The L will not rotate
Stoppage of play based on both the location of the ball and the team in control
Two or more officials may blow their whistles at about the same time on a foul or violation
Officiating by the L and T on the same side of the court
Results in an official improving her/his field of vision in an action area
An area on the court where there is activity involving competitive match-up
The extension of an official's area
The proper starting position for each official when the ball is in the front court
Includes the location of your officiating partners, a sense of their primary as well as the benches and scorer
Position one step outside the lane line extended off the court
The post player turns away from the L official on the endline and moves to the middle of the lane toward the C official
Positioned one to two steps off the sideline
When the L has crossed the lane line extended nearest C official
Official's movement to create or maintain open angles
The crew's approach to work together
The side of the basket which is opposite the strongside
Quality calls set and maintained by the crew throughout the game
Improved position of the L official when viewing drives to the basket from the C side
Position one step outside the lane line extended off the court, one to two steps off endline
Being mindful of situations when players may engage in inappropriate or unsporting behaviors
A position to see between players involved in a competitive match up
At the 28' mark and one to two steps off the sideline
Dead-ball movement of officials to new positions after a foul or violation is called
T moving to C position and finding a lane of vision to referee a competitive matchup
Criteria used for judging basic contact of opponents by the primary official