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Apologia Physical Science Module 15

Which type of lens is used to correct nearsightedness
White light is made up of these 7 colors
The ______ theory of light states that a beam of light behaves the same as a stream of particles that all move in the same direction
The two properties that can make up light are _____ and waves
Would light travel faster through plastic or a diamond
Yellow, magenta, and cyan make up the ______ primary colors
Light is focused here on the back of the eye which is made up of light sensitive cells
When light bends in response to its change in speed we call this
In this theory, light is basically viewed as tiny packets of waves
A cover that can open or close regulating how much light gets into the eye
This theory explained all of Newton's experiments assuming that light was a wave rather than a particle
Where does the speed of light travel the slowest
_____ cells eventually get tired and shut off
While television generate light that shines into our eyes, paints and dyes _____ light into your eyes
Light waves are also referred to as this_______ waves
The particle theory of light was formulated by this scientist
This law states that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence
Which cells in the eye are sensitive to color
The Special Theory of _____ proposes that the speed of light is the ultimate speed limit
Little packets of light can sometimes be referred to as these particles
When sunlight hits water the light does this
The opening left by the iris
Lamps producing this kind of light are used in hospitals to sterilize things
Equal parts of all 3 additive primary colors make which color
Converging lens have this shape
These transport light over great distances because when light enters this type of cable it cannot escape
These colors can be added together in different proportions to make virtually any color of light
______ waves have a longer wavelength than visible light
Diverging lens have this shape
The longest wavelengths of light are made up of this color
When light waves bounce off an obstacle like a mirror we call this
This type of lens bends light rays outward causing them to move away from one another
Your eyes can discern _____ million different colors
Thin transparent substance covering the eye
When a hot object gives off heat most of the energy is in this form of light
In order to see a rainbow well the sun must be shining on the water droplets from _____ you
He admits the formation of the eye by natural selection is "absurd in the highest degree"
An application of a converging lens can be seen in this human structure