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biology crossword

Biology Crossword Puzzle: Angelica Romero
Large carbon based molecule
Attraction between atoms
Dissolves in a solvent & is presnt at a greatest concetartion
Energy input necessary to initiate a chemical reaction
Large organic molecule
Reaction in wivh water is formed when two molecules are joined
Molecule that includes fat and oils
Protein that catalyze chemical reactions for organisms
Changed by a chemical reaction
Reactant in a chemical reaction upon which an enzyme acts
Reaction in which a water molecule is broken and one molecule i broken down into two products
Subunit of a polymer
Carnohydrate monomer
Substances change into diffrent substances
Monomer that forms DNA
Polymer composed of animo acids
Substance that decreases activation energy
Molecule that includes sugars and starches
Polymer of nucleotides
Dissolves in a solvent & is presnt at a lower concetration
Moloculoe that makes up proteins
Formed by a chemical reaction