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Logan yelled ______ after scoring a touchdown!
Maleena couldn't see the board as the light was shinning ______ in her eyes!
The wind blew ______ as Thatcher was trying to practice his field goals.
Jackson ______ told Miss Hoffman the class secret.
PZ danced ______ in her dance recital.
Henri sat _____ working on his Literacy test.
Anakin worked _______ on his project about Patrick Mahomes.
The fire engine roared past Rozie ______.
Kellen wrote his name on his paper ____ before turning it in.
Max was ______ waiting for the pitcher to throw his first pitch.
Franklin didn't feel ____ after eating too much candy on Easter.
Ava ____ asked Danika if she could borrow her pencil.
Our class watched Ella skate _______ across the ice!
PN asked her neighbors to work _______ so she could get her work done.
Mad was _____ getting ready for school after not sleeping well.
Claire was waiting ______ to eat her cold lunch.